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St.Theresa Educational Consultancy Charitable Trust

Education being the pillar for a successful nation, we, Triangleedu have taken this Initiative to bridge the gap across borders. We are here to provide all the necessary as well as top class educational sources that will help students avail their educational rights. It is the right of everyone to study in quality and value added Institutions for attaining a brighter career.

Why Choose Us

Expert Guidance:

We have a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in the education system and can offer personalized advice and recommendations based on the individual's goals, interests, and academic background.

Support for Visa and Immigration Procedures

Provide up-to-date information about different universities, colleges, courses, and navigate students through the complex process of choosing the right educational options.

Assistance with Applications and Documentation

We offer assistance with the application process, including guidance on filling out application forms, preparing required documents, and meeting deadlines.

Funding your Studies

We provide guidance throughout the visa application process, helping students understand the requirements, gather the necessary documents, and prepare for visa interviews.

Enhancing Education Through Dedicated Team

A strong educational institution is built upon the foundation of a well-qualified and passionate team. Our team have the qualifications and experience required to effectively impart knowledge and inspire students to reach their full potential.

Our dedicated teaching staff plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of students. Through their expertise and guidance, they empower students to become well-rounded individuals ready to face the challenges of the real world.

We foster a positive classroom atmosphere that encourages student engagement, collaboration, and active participation. We enable students to freely express their ideas and explore their interests, leading to a more effective learning experience.

  1. Our educators are dedicated to our students’ success, providing individual attention, personalized feedback, and constructive guidance. 



To empower individuals with the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to secure their dream job. We strive to bridge the gap between education and employment, ensuring that each candidate achieves their career aspirations and contributes to the growth of the global workforce.


To become a dynamic and vibrant overseas education facilitator that meets global competencies in overseas education consultancy and sets the highest benchmarks in tune with the growing aspirations of our clients and partner institutions globally.

Build Your Skills, Anytime and Anywhere

We understand that life can be busy and demanding, but that shouldn't hinder your pursuit of education and personal growth. With our comprehensive online learning platform, you have the flexibility to access educational resources, courses, and expert guidance. Whether you want to enhance your professional skills or prepare for exams; our consultancy provides you with the tools and support to thrive. Take control of your learning journey and unlock your full potential with our accessible and convenient educational solutions.